Silicone Invisible Adhesive Backless Bra

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◾ Backless
◾ Adhesive and Reusable
◾ Invisible nude color strap self-adhesive bra of the highest quality at an incredible price
◾ The perfect solution for wearing under backless and strapless dresses, party dresses, boob tubes and any kind of sheer or revealing garments
◾  This bra is suitable for band size smaller than 40. Material:100% pure medical-grade silicone material, the hypoallergenic adhesive is comfortable and leaves no trace on your skin after removing the bra.
◾ Can be worn all day and it won't fall
◾ Offers a push-up effect
◾ Enhances the bust line and cleavage by positioning the cups in a V shape
◾ Very easy to apply with two separate cups and a front fastening

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4 Sizes to choose: A.B.C.D

A cup: (normal bra size A65; 70; 75; 80; B65; for A cup)
B cup: (normal bra size B70; 75; 80; C65; for B cup)
C cup: (normal bra size C70; 75; 80; D65; for C cup
D cup: (normal bra size D70; 75; 80; 85; F65; for D cup)