The Butt Lifter Panty

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Define your derriere with The Butt Lifter panty This flattering butt lifter panty effortlessly adds dimension to your behind in a sexy, natural looking way. Comfortable and easy to wear, this butt enhancer panty even comes in three levels so you can customize your curves. Choose level one for a natural lift, level two for a fuller, rounder lift and level three for maximum lift. This feature allows you to tailor your look to your mood, moment and ensemble.

The curve creating panty also features a high-waist design that flattens your tummy and whittles your waist for a sleek silhouette you'll love. Just slip it on and look your best. Pair the body-enhancing panty with your most fitted skinnies, skirts, shorts and dresses. No one will know what you have on underneath.


size(cm) waist(in relax) length
S 62 32
M 66 33
L 70 34
XL 74 35
XXL 78 36
3XL 82 37
4XL 86 38

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