Hair Conditioner In Spray For Synthetic Wigs

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One of the essentials for taking care of wigs

The Hair Conditioner In Spray provides moistures to your wig and keep it out from dryness. 

It reduces frizz, static and flyaways

100 ml Hair Spray + Wig Comb 

Instructions how to use it

Step 1 - spray hair before detangling to help ease the process

Step 2 - use your brush to detangle it, remember to gently brush your wig. Start from the bottom up, never use too much force. If you find that you're using a lot of pressure and force to brush it out it means that you have to use your finger to individually detangle the knots

Step 3 - bind the hair together and use your fingers to twirl the hair in a circular rotation

Step 4 - spray hair again to retain the wigs shape and shine

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