Honey - Kinky Curly Black Braids With Headband Wig


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Want an instant, painless and ultra-stylish transformation? Wear a wig! Needit's growing selection of wigs for women features a spectrum of classic and modern shades, cuts and styles to suit your mood and personality. These hair pieces allow you to easily change your hair style without having to go to the salon.

Our wigs are manufactured to look and feel like real human hair without the investment or the maintenance.

Heat friendly + color friendly for the lighter shades.

There are two adjustment straps at two side of the wig, which can be intertwined to a fix position to suit different head sizes.

Fashionable and stylish headband hair wigs looks natural, real, very pretty and feminine, soft touch.

No Styling Required,
Open Wefts for good ventilation



Washing Instructions for Synthetic Wigs 

1. Gently brush your wig to remove teasing or tangles before washing.
2. Add one to two spoonfuls of wig shampoo to cold water (NEVER USE HOTWATER). Gently swish
your wig up and down in this water. The number of times you do this will depend on how dirty
your wig is. DO NOT RUB your wig.
3. After dunking up and down in the water, rinse your wig thoroughly in cold water. Pat out excess
water into a soft towel.
4. Apply “Leave-in Conditioner” by spraying it very lightly over the entire wig surface. This will stay
in your wig until the next wash, and will further condition the fibers of your wig.
5. Do not squeeze or twist your wig. Do not brush or comb your wig until it is completely dry.
6. Dry your wig at room temperature on your wig stand. Never put
your wig on a solid head stand or block. This will stretch the cap.
7. When your wig is completely dry, it is ready to brush or comb.

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