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Mirror Green 3D Butterfly Wall Decal

Mirror Green 3D Butterfly Wall Decal

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Everyone loves 3D butterfly wall art. Vivid  3D wall butterflies brighten your bedroom, nursery, kids' playroom, & more. Perfect for party decor! They are lovingly handcrafted, cut & folded into facets that catch the light. They'll arrive at ready-to-stick. 

Product Details:

  • Easy to attach to your wall, reuse, reposition or remove from your wall without leaving any residue or damaging your paint. 
    Will only attach to flat, clean, smooth, and dry surface
  • Ideal for bedrooms or dorms. 
  • Can stick to almost to virtually any part or thing inside your house like walls, mirrors, tiles, ceramics, windows and pieces of furniture
    • Contains 12 3D butterflies
    • 11 cm/( 2 pcs ), 8 cm /( 2 pcs ), 6.5 cm/( 8 pcs )

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