Nail Art Brushes Black  Handle 5 Pcs/Set

Nail Art Brushes Black Handle 5 Pcs/Set

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Because great design is in the details! 

Turn your manicure into a masterpiece with our range of nail art brushes

How to Break in A New Acrylic Brush
1.Rub the bristles with the your hands lightly
2.Flick the bristles with fingers repeatedly to flick away the wax
3. Fill a small bowl with clean liquid monomer for acrylic nails.
4. Dip brush bristles in the liquid to remove the wax layer.
5.Wipe excess off on paper towel and shape it with your fingertips.
6.Leave them in place to air dry.

How to Clean Brushes After Using
1. Always clean your brush immediately after use.
2. Pour nail brush cleaner solution into a glass


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