Neoprene Sauna Full Body Suit with Sleeves

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Sauna full body suit with thermal layer speeds up body's calorie burning processes,release toxins at skin level and trim inches off of your waist quicker by heating up your belly,leading to sweat crazy when workout,sauna bodysuit keeps body warm during cold days


Neoprene sleeves and pants accelerates quick weight loss,reduce unwanted arm and thigh inches

Unique Open-bust & Mid to High-Thigh & Hip-fold designed weight loss shaper, holds your back, compress tummy, lifts buttock & slims thighs for a smooth curve. 

Suitable for many occasions

  • During training,neoprene body shaper is great for fitness training,it can promote belly fat loss and strengthen muscles,make you feel like doing sauna body spa.
  • Wearing neoprene shaper to enjoy exercising sports, increase more sweating while running,yoga or more
  • Muscle building, cardio endurance,core strength or detoxifying
  • Just wear it at home while performing daily tasks,like gardening
  • Perfect for those who usually go to the gym,workout or for those who need to loss weight,also suitable for postpartum body repair

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