Removable Blackboard Wall Sticker

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Removable Blackboard Wall Sticker is really a good one for your baby photoshoot.
  • Material: Vinyl Sticker
  • Size: 45*200cm

Using Methods:
step 1: Cut to the size of the chalkboard stickers you need.
step 2: Tear along the boundary. Keep your wall and glass clean.
step 3: Stick apart first, and then tear the rest slowly.
step 4: Scratch the bubble with a towel or a crapper.
step 5: You have finish stick the blackboard wall sticker.
step 6: Wipe off the words with a towel or blackboard eraser.
Blackboard stickers as new home decoration materials have been widely used in the Children's room, personalized restaurants, education, leisure shops, and other places. This chalkboard can be cut any shape you want, flowers, convenience stickers on the refrigerator, living room wall sticker decoration and so on. 
Q: Does not stick to the wall well, what can I do?
A: This is a removable chalkboard sticker so it will not too sticky to damage your wall or leave any glue when removing it. So choose glass and smooth wall for stick will be better.

Q: It has waves and bubbles on the wall, why?
A: These stickers are made of rolls, so it will have bubbles and waves at first. Don't worry, using a card or towel to scrape off the bubbles and the waves will disappear.

Q: The chalks are not works well on chalkboard stickers, Why?
A: As we know that this is a chalkboard sticker, it can not substitute chalkboard totally, So please write with more little strength. This blackboard sticker is more convenient compared with real chalkboard.


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