Women's Maternity Belt Pregnancy Support Band


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This is a wonderful support belt for pregnancy. Relieves pelvic and muscle soreness during pregnancy. Effectively lessens spinal pressure due to unbalanced baby weight. 

- Fully adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy.
- Constructed of a multi-layered laminate with a cotton lining.
- Four elastic side panels add compression and ventilation.
- Included abdominal lift attachment gives lift without unnecessary pressure.
- Built-in support holds the belt in place and prevents the belt from rolling.

1.Wrap the abdominal lift attachment around your waist. Position the pad so it is centered and under the abdomen.
2.Attach the belt to the pad and pull both elastic sides until the desired tension and attach the closure to the abdominal pad.
3.To help keep the support in place and keep from sliding down, stretch the top strap over your stomach and attach to the opposite side for even greater lift and support, with the support on, lay on your back with your knees up.

Material: Cotton, Ribbon

Size M      Suitable Abdominal Circumference: 70-100 cm
Size L       Suitable Abdominal Circumference: 80-110 cm
Size XL     Suitable Abdominal Circumference: 90-120 cm
Size XXL    Suitable Abdominal Circumference: 100-130 cm

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