Wall Calendar Planner For 2020. Year

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Do you find yourself cramming last minute to reach due dates or missed events because you simply forgot? End that now with this oversized 2020 calendar
This yearly planner offers the convenience, simple and brilliant way to see all your events in a quick glance
Calendar has a "From some good habits" block on the top, you can write down the goals you want to stick to, when you are done, you can make a mark in the "clock in block" next to it
There is "MONTHLY MEMO" on the right of the daily block, just like a little note pad for your notes, comes with 2 sheets small colorful sticker that can be used to highlight special events and allow you to differentiate the event type at a glance
You can also use the calendar to teach your kids in a nice, effortless, fun way how to take charge of their responsibilities, by writing down their chores, tasks and events and having it insight, the "I forgot" excuses just won't work anymore

Material: kraft
Size: 73 x 51.5cm/28.74 x 20.28inch

1 x Calendar
2 sheet x Stickers


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